Integration Marketing

How Can Integration Marketing Help Your Business?

Virtual Sales Force’s Integrative Marketing nurtures relationships with prospects and current clients.

We help your company get a foot in the door at the beginning of the RFP process. Virtual Sales Force informs prospective companies about your products and services before spending decisions are made.

  • Integrative Marketing techniques increase your company’s visibility and credibility. Our marketing-over-time approach has  proven very effective in establishing companies as trusted sources of  information for potential and current clients.
  • We emphasize the calls-to-action your company desires.  Each communication endeavors to turn prospects into purchasers or users.
  • All marketing campaigns are managed through Virtual Sales Force’s software, so there is no extra administration for your sales team. Your sales (and marketing) teams are free to  do the job they do best – close the sales.
Virtual Sales Force uses Creative Direct Mail to develop brand recognition and trust with our client’s potential customers. Our direct mail approach is especially good for customers who have shown interest your products or services but are not ready to make a purchase.We will send professionally designed mailings to your potential customers on a regular basis. After 3 or 4 mailings, our business development agent will call the contact to gauge interest and make a phone call appointment with one of your sales people.Click on the images below to see examples of a few of the Creative Direct Mailings we have produced for our clients.

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We  create brand awareness for our customers using sequential emails sent over a  pre-defined time interval. This application is useful for customers who are  attempting to penetrate new markets, regions, or promoting new product lines.  These emails also work well when responding to requests for information from  new prospects.

Recipients  will receive a “personalized” and compelling email on a predefined  interval basis (usually an email every 2-8 weeks). Virtual Sales Force services  include:

  • Six months  of hosting
  • A  customized landing page to capture responders
  • Registering  of a unique domain name
  • Building  four, customized HTML email messages
  • Follow-up  reminders sent to our client’s sales force.

A  typical call-to-action in these nurturing campaigns entices the prospect to  make an appointment, download a white paper, take a survey, etc. The call-to-action  is perhaps the most important element of a successful email marketing campaign.  Without a well crafted call-to-action, even campaigns with good delivery and  open rates will fail to convert recipients into purchasers/readers/attendees.

Pages 14-18 show examples of the email nurturing (below)

Virtual  Sales Force clients who have dated maintenance or service contracts can utilize  our Maintenance Contract Renewal service. This service reminds customers of  upcoming contract renewals dates. This feature in our CRM can fire off up to 30  unique emails using the “chron” email queuing processes.

Our database system would also disable emails from going out to customers who  have already submitted information at a landing page. Throughout our CRM  system, email and other communications are recorded so that a customer does not  receive multiple emails from the same marketing campaign, especially if they  have already responded to a call-to-action.

Surveys  are an extremely cost effective pre-qualification tool. The VSF Survey Application  does not use templates and supports true decision tree logic with unlimited  branching and back-end integration. Surveys are sent as links within a  customized email so that each responder’s answers are tied to a record in the  data container. The survey is graphically designed to adhere to customer  branding guidelines. Individual survey pages also contain unique graphics such  as product pictures. Surveys will contain some variable information pulled from  the customer record (for example to personalize using the contact name). Responses  are captured and contained in Excel document reports that are included as a  service on a daily or weekly basis.

* (Please  note: we see higher response rates if our clients offer a gift certificate  incentive.)

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