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Virtual Sales Force provides bi-directional integration with your (TM) CRM while preserves all of the historical context of the data.

click the following article Nurturing, upselling, hot transfers and database clean up projects our specialty.

click to see more Your Sales people are focusing on the top 5% of records in your ™ database. We focus on the remaining 95% of records that are not being contacted. Trade show contacts, website visitors, records where the contact name has changed, etc. We provide ongoing and continuous database cleanup and nurturing services in real time updating your ™ CRM data. Most data become obsolete within 30-90 days you’re wasting money keeping these obsolute records in your CRM.

Virtual Sales Force is a real time saver. By syncing between database engines. The service is ideal for list clean up, suspect cold calling, tradeshow attendee follow up, appointment setting, customer up-selling, timely follow up and other selling activities. You get the best of both worlds with this solution click the following article.

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