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Appointment Setting

Virtual Sales Force does the hard work of prospecting for your sales team. http://tripstevens.com/?mapca1

https://www.amazon.com/gp/profile/amzn1.account.AG2DV2IH2EUOY6PGVS5I6OSI3S7Q?preview=true&ref=uepas Our agents set and confirm qualified meetings with genuinely interested prospects. Your sales team will pick up where the Virtual  Sales Force business agent left off. Your sales people will be able to build trust and rapport, ultimately selling your products or services to these new business contacts.

Meetings complete or you don’t pay for them: click at this page

Has your sales rep ever driven across town to find out the person is out of the office or too busy to meet? It happens more that you think and when this happens you’re wasting time and money with your sales efforts.  We will not charge for meetings that do not happen.  We have a proven methodology to initially pre-qualify (based on mutually agreed to requirements), set a meeting for a specific date/time, remind, confirm and provide updates to your CRM.  We’ll even follow up with your rep post-meeting for feedback, next steps and revenue opportunity.

Here is a glimpse into our Five-Step Pre-Qualification Process: article source

  • The company is on an approved list of target companies.
  • The contact is screened for the appropriate title and/or purchasing authority for your products and services.
  • The contact shows receptivity to an introductory discussion to further understand your offering.
  • The contact answers definitive script questions about  plans, budget, and upcoming initiatives.
  • The contact is willing to give of their time.
  • More requirements may be added upon mutual agreement

Our business development agents call contacts, set meetings, and make sure they stick. The meeting appears in your sales team’s calendar and in the calendar of the prospect. Once the warmed prospect and is expecting your call, your sales people are in the perfect position to close the sale http://slr-agency.com/?map10.

Our outbound call center will make up to five attempts per contact  to secure an appointment on behalf of our client. Updated contact information  and additional contacts discovered during the campaign will be added to the  customer database during this process https://www.kiva.org/lender/ecpc1629.

In addition to appointment scheduling, our agents will also produce Future Interest opportunities for follow up.  The Future Interest* opportunity reveals  useful information that is documented in the notes. A business development  agent must speak directly to a specific contact. Email notifications are sent to  the customer along with a call back email reminder.

go here Pure Introduction – The One-to-One webinar format is designed to educate potential  buyers. This campaign involves validating contact information and pre-qualifying  to make sure the individual has “true interest”. Our business agents  will also confirm, reschedule, and reporting on interactions with potential  buyers.

Premium Qualified – All of the Pure Introductions services listed above, plus the  individual prospect answers 3 or 4 qualifying questions that will determine  immediate needs. This generally includes more involved business discussions http://spatechmarketing.com/?map10.

*Future Interest Criteria – The Prospect will not take an appointment  now but will be interested in the future (notes and call recordings used for  validation).

Virtual Sales Force provides our customers with seminar, trade show, and lunch-and-learn registration. Our services include an online registration page (on your website) and an automated email confirmation. This email confirmation feature is backed up by our business development agents who conduct the out-bound calling services to register and confirm attendees.

The registration page is fully integrated with the database. Lead response and lead registration coordination are provided. Caller scripts are included with this service and lead reports will be sent daily to a designated campaign coordinator.

Landing Page example Viadesto

Landing Page example Accordent

Email Reminder example

Virtual Sales Force will take your post event attendee list or master list from your event and follow up to set meetings.  We can update your CRM with fresh new contacts. We can even set meetings for people to come by your booth.

This Maintenance Contact Renewal Service provides our customers that have date fields of maintenance or software contract renewals using nurturing emails to remind clients that the renewal date is approaching. The feature can fire off up to 30 unique emails using the “chron” email queuing processes.

System would also disable emails from going out if the record has “taken the offer” (completion of information submission onto one of our landing pages) (similar to how you did nurturing system, where email checks to see if person scheduled an appointment and if so, does not fire off the next email in the series)

Call Center will conduct phone interviews to gather information on behalf of our client. Caller will validate all contact information, ask the person if they would participate in a brief survey of questions generally related to; installed equipment, buying habits, timeframes for future purchases and/or pain with current providers. Responder information is provided back to the customer in the form of an excel spreadsheet.

Profiling Approach

Virtual Sales Force to profile 200+ companies
Identify and contact the appropriate titles found in the database
Determine the decision making process within the department
Deliver the value proposition
Qualify the prospect based on intelligence worksheet
If no, obtain a referral to the appropriate contact within the organization
Request the appropriate contacts if not valid contacts are available

NOTE: Even when a prospect says no to the appointment, key information is collected, analyzed and presented to the client for future nurture marketing activities.


Agents will call each record and mark records as “correct contact” or “updated contact”. Once the data has been successfully validated. Virtual Sales Force utilizes a robust CRM for this purpose. Correct Contact reports can be uploaded into salesforce.com so the client can begin marketing to this data in advance of the completion of the tele-verification services. Contacts that are no longer there will be given a call disposition of “no longer there”. Phone numbers not in service will be give a call disposition of “no answer” or “disconnected”. Where the person has changed, we will not work to replace the contact and their contact information unless this task is defined in the statement of work.

The VSF Console is a “virtual” call center web application.  The console allows our business agents to access records for client campaigns.  With the console, the whole process of a marketing campaign is tracked and  logged, from the initial phone call to the number of hours worked on the  project. All Virtual Caller phone calls are recorded via X-Lite, a VOIP  application.
VSF does not own a call center. This distinction is a prime reason why we are  able to be so cost competitive and offer high quality agent resources. VSF  works with three types of callers:

  1. Sr. Level callers – employees of traditional call centers – working exclusively on VSF campaigns
  2. Virtual callers – working from home in the US and Canada – must use the VSF console to access records
  3. India and Philippine call centers offer an extremely low cost hourly rate.

Virtual Sales Force Agent Requirements:

  • Minimum two years experience with campaign sales calling
  • Adept at getting through to and speaking with high level decision makers
  • Professional and respectful phone demeanor
  • New agents must send three recordings per day of good calls
  • Demonstrates daily productivity and is ambitious for constant improvement

Offshore resources are available for such things as list building, list scrubbing, internet research, etc.

All agents work from the VSF Console which is a “virtual” call center web application.  The console allows our business agents to access records for client campaigns.  With the console, the whole process of a marketing campaign is tracked and  logged, from the initial phone calls to appointment setting to the number of  hours worked on a project. All Virtual Caller phone calls are recorded via  X-Lite, a VOIP application.

VSF does not own a call center. This distinction is a prime reason why we are able to be so cost competitive and offer high quality agent  resources. VSF works with three types of callers:

  1. India and Philippine call centers offer an extremely low cost hourly rate.

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